Our Products

Vetreria Glass Design can deal with any glass-related project: furnishings, shower boxes, mirrors, lacquered glass tables, bulletproof balustrades, staircases and balconies, tempered glass, doors and maintenance work to replace windows, shop windows, doors and more. The sky is the limit!

Glass doors

Glass doors are innovative interior design solutions for residential and corporate spaces. Ideal to divide rooms while ensuring good lighting. The perfect solution also for refurbishing projects.

Canopies and Walk-On Glass Panel

Made of transparent or coloured satin glass, they protect building entrances adapting to the aesthetics of any type of structure. The heat-treated glass is strong and ensures good lighting.


Elegant and safe, they bring style to your home or business spaces and create eye-catching solutions, perfect for internal staircases, balconies and terraces.


Elegant, strong and custom-made. Vetreria Glass Design mirrors are perfect to be fitted in the most important spaces of your home.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Stylish and practical: glass kitchen splashbacks combine resistance to dirt, grease and water with stylish design, thanks to new manufacturing techniques and colours.

Shower Boxes

With fixed panels or sliding doors, curved or straight. There is no limit to the different shower box styles we can create, all guaranteed to provide practical and elegant results.

Glass Furniture

Glass furniture for residential and public buildings. Heat and mechanic treatments guarantee style, strength and safety.

Glass sandblasting and decorative films

Glass in not just transparent. Thanks to special decorations and sandblasting and frosting techniques it can become a proper work of art.

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